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HempforLifeWellness represent the highest standard in the CBD industry. Though superior science we provide full traceability from seed to shelf.certificates of orgin and lab reports confirm the efficacy of our products,and are available by request.Using state of the art extraction methods, and propriety blends our line of product delivers a broad spectrum oil product. The result is a Synergistic Entourage Affect restoring and supporting the Endocannabinoid System


By incorporating CBD Oils in your life you will plant the seed of wellness.

and will achieve Optimum Health

Roll On warming CBD Sport

Aches and Pains?

Use our Warm before you start your workout

Day Time CBD Drops

Stress from work, Kids?

Stay productive and steady

We are united in our goal of achieving Optimum Health

We are commited together working hand and hand in achieving Optimum Health for everyone.

Hear what our customers are saying about our Op CBD Products

Since incorporating the Op6 Sports Cream in my life.

I am able to continue to work as a Landscape Gardner doing very physical work at age 67. .

The Op6 sports Cream has made the difference for a faster recovery for sore muscles and having the 2 formulas -Warm or Cool gives me more options

Patricia Sweeney

I struggle with extreme cramps monthly. I have been using Tylenol for many years until I saw my Fiancee has been avidly using the 0p6 Sports Cream I applied a dime size onto my stomach area and was pain relieved for several hours.This is my new go to! The warm sensation alleviated my pain for several hours I am so happy they have come out with a Roll on Stick for easy application.

Sapir B

Wow Does this product really work ! I am a business man with a heavy lifting routine. I have a form of Bicep Tendonitis which means i have inflammation in my bicep that leads to achy pain in my shoulder.. i have a been using the Op6 Sports Cream -Warm formula with 300mg of CBD for over 2 months. Since i first started every time i rub on the cream the pain has lessened or relieved all together. With that being said you will experience alot of heat ! but after you get use to using the cream there is nothing like it.I have noticed both a difference in the gym and at the office. The Op6 Sports Cream has made my pain bearable since the first week of application. I have gained more motion and less pain in my shoulder. I highly recommend this product to anyone who can take a little heat .

Austin Moriarity

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Our Op Brand of CBDOILS Stands for Optimum Performance Hemp Oil.

Our Goal is to Help you achieve a sense of Wellness.